Powered by Data Science

Fullpower provides the leading patented ecosystem for IoT and wearable solutions. Fullpower has developed a considerable IP portfolio with its expertise in life-cycle management for dynamic and complex distributed IoT and wearable solutions powered by data science.

Fullpower's MotionX Technology, Powered by Data Science

The key components of the Fullpower technology platform are:


Sleeptracker Patented Sleep Monitoring Technology Platform

Sleeptracker® Patented Sleep Monitoring Technology Platform, powered by data science and optimized for IoT (Smartbeds) & wearables:

  • Patented technology with 120+ issued and pending patents: manage, alert, control, share
  • Optimized with more than 200 million nights of sleep tracked and analyzed
  • Clinically proven to track your sleep patterns within 95% accuracy of professional polysomnography sleep machines
  • End-to-end, plug-and-play, ultra-low power solution, designed for IoT & wearables, leading with the Smartbed and including garments and connected objects
  • Continually improving
MotionX Patented Activity Tracking Technology Platform

MotionX® Patented Activity Tracking Technology Platform, powered by data science:

  • Patented technology with 120+ issued and pending patents: manage, alert, control, share
  • The motion recognition engine that does for sensors what an outstanding speech recognition engine does for microphones
  • MotionX encapsulates years of research and development on the biomechanics of natural human motion and the mechanics of machine motion
  • Optimized for IoT connected objects and wearables such as garments and digital sports applications
  • Continually improving
Fullpower Patented Sensor-Fusion Inference Engine

Fullpower® Patented Sensor-Fusion Inference Engine, powered by data science:

  • Fullpower's engine turns raw sensor-web data into actionable information
  • The Fullpower Inference Engine uses neural networking technology, a rule-based engine and advanced mathematical modeling to deliver the first predictive sensor-based motion solutions
  • Continually improving